Monthly Archives: May 2013

Dear Mama…

Happy Mother’s Day! After a preparatory sleepover at our place on Thursday night, Bagheera, Adrienne, Jude and I all took off on our motorbikes to begin our long-planned Mother’s Day video for our respective mamas. I figured I would share this with you as it gives you a pretty good indication of a real day in Sài Gòn. Continue reading

Six months ain’t long for me to be gone / Oh darlin’ six months ain’t long

As of this morning at 9:30, I have officially been living in Vietnam for six months and as the title of this post indicates, it certainly doesn’t feel that long. I’ve done a lot in this half-year but I don’t feel like I left Canada all that long ago. One thing that does make me realise how far I’ve come is this list I started when I first arrived that I so aptly entitled Musings on Vietnamese Culture. Most of this is now so much a part of my daily routine that I hardly recognise the differences anymore – except for the lack of queueing which I’ll never become accustomed to. Continue reading

‘Cause I’m such a hungry (wo)man

Admittedly, it’s been far too long since my last post. (Thanks for keeping me accountable, Jigger!) The good news is, the reason for my lack of writing has been filling my schedule to the brim in order to have tons of material to write about. You’re all welcome. Since February I’ve had more visitors, stellar classes, become borderline obsessed with yoga again, played tourist in my own city (yet again), had a knife-wielding man try and stab our building’s crazy dog, had our first cockroach, got a new motorbike, and I’ve been officially granted a work permit for a year. Continue reading