Since I’ve taken to using false names and not everyone follows my blog religiously, I’ve decided to compile a list of personalities who appear in my blog to make it easier to follow the story lines:

Mowgli – Bagheera’s affectionate nickname for me
Bagheera – My best friend, travelling companion & roommate

Rhinoceros/Rhino – My friend from high school who put us up when we arrived
Pistol – Rhino’s girlfriend

Notorious B.A.Y. – My hometown

Vee You Ess – The name of the language school I teach at

Dan the Man – Our real estate agent who found us our perfect home

Joe – The landlord’s 13-year-old son and translator

Fav – My cousin
Mitsuo – Also my cousin; Fav’s brother

Ivan – A fellow teacher at Vee You Ess

Pierre – My 22-year-old brother
J-Bone – My 17-year-old brother
T-Gun – J-Bone’s twin
Teddy – Our adorable toy poodle who is probably loved too much

Mr. Mouse – My family’s neighbour in Notorious B.A.Y.

M&M – Rhino’s friend and, by extension, now our friend; unofficial motorbike instructor
Sheep – One of the boys
Andrew – Another one of the boys
Dale – Same group
Crazy Dale – Same group
Deeno – Rhino’s friend, one of the boys and fellow tour guide to us

Hoang – Vietnamese casting agent

Samara – A former classmate from Notorious B.A.Y. who came through

Bush Baby – A good friend from university
Al Bro – Bush Baby’s twin sister

Lucia – Our very first Vietnamese friend
Pippy – Lucia’s friend

Martin – A co-worker, good friend and drinking buddy

Aunt Stinkney – Bagheera’s aunt who sends lovely packages (*she gave herself the nickname – I’m not that mean)

Adrienne – A good friend and co-worker; Wisconsinite; part of the Canadian-Wisconsinite quintet
Vivian – A good friend and co-worker
Michel – Vivian’s husband

K-To – Our good friend from Toronto who came to visit in January

Meech – Our friend from Liberal politics in Canada who we ran into in Siem Reap

Rothana – American-Cambodian who explained Cambodian Buddhism to us in Phnom Penh

Don – Our phenomenal tuk tuk driver in Phnom Penh

Tono – My new friend whom I met outside the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Stubbs – An old high school friend who came to visit in February
Xela – Notorious B.A.Y. friend who came with Stubbs

Sandie – Our friend from our McGill days who came to visit after the Lunar New Year in February

Kwon – Bagheera’s TA and our fantastic once-weekly Vietnamese tutor

Pham – My friend and co-worker who shared a number of classes with me

Martin – One of the many Wisconsinite friends we’ve made; coworker; part of our quintet
Jude – Martin’s roommate and former girlfriend; Wisconsinite; coworker; part of our quintet

Tammy – Vietnamese friend from yoga

Susie – Friend and manager of a restaurant downtown

Em – Former McGillian and Canadian friend who passed through the city
Aaron – Also a McGill Business alum who travelled South East Asia with Em for two-plus months

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