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Well it’s been busy since last week! First things first though! My good friend from university, Bush Baby (don’t ask), got into Columbia Law School!!! I’m sooo excited for her and wish we could celebrate in person, Calgary Stampede style, but I know she can feel the love and support from across the Pacific! Way to go, Baby! xo

Last weekend I got my first taste of teaching the kindies, the four- and five-year olds. Mum’s Froot Loops trick worked wonders for the rambunctious boys though. It never ceases to amaze me what a little one will do for a measly sugary ‘O’. But I hope they never figure out how ridiculous a notion it really is because it’s working wonders for me 🙂

And I have to say, they are really adorable little babies! There’s a lot of singing and dancing and they love the “Mickey Mouse” puppet (which is actually a bear) and “Hello Mickey” song. They especially love kissing the puppet and getting kisses from him.

It was a long Saturday with four classes but it’s teaching me versatility. And I’m feeling less like a total poser every time I walk into a classroom.

I had a shorter day on Sunday but the highlight of Sunday was a few of our TAs spending a couple of hours on their lunch break teaching us Vietnamese! Finally! We’re starting to fit in!

There are a few extra letters in this alphabet :S

There are a few extra letters in this alphabet

Now, we started only with the alphabet but, man, that was enough! It was trying. There are a lot of sounds that exist in neither English nor French, but we were both very grateful to have multiple languages under our belts for reference.

And even though it was just the alphabet, it really helped me in properly pronouncing my students’ names in class last night. They were impressed! I was proud of myself. Especially since I’d massively butchered their names the week before.

We’ve arranged to meet with these TAs every Sunday during the lunch break to continue working on our Vietnamese. They’re really patient and we’re so incredibly grateful for them, as both Vietnamese teachers and TAs who help massively with classroom management!

Between classes on Saturday, I got what never ceases to amaze me: news of two Canadian friends meeting randomly at a party and then somehow figuring out they both know me. They actually live in the same apartment complex.

Donald Glover Excited Reaction

This is always my reaction. I get so excited when friends of mine meet unexpectedly.

Kanye West unimpressed

And it is almost always followed by a much less enthusiastic reaction and a joke at my expense.

They also both happen to own an Escape Movement “From North Bay With Love” T-shirt (only one of which was given by me – the other was given by another Kathleen, ironically enough). The more I travel, the smaller the world becomes. Even the twenty-four hours of flying to get here seemed comparatively short in the grand scheme of things (until the jet lag set in).

I woke up yesterday morning for a Skype catch-up session with Uncle P! It’s always so nice to hear familiar voices and to hear about Christmas preparation and SNOW! We got all caught up on all things family-related and then he spent nearly THREE hours teaching me all the ins and outs of my blog!

Yes sir! I’ve been itching to get this thing up and running and I’m happy to finally get back to creative writing. For those of you who have been through the throws of the modern western education system know how creativity gets stifled, stomped on, chewed up and then spit back out. Needless to say, it’s been a while… Oh and did I mention I love writing about myself?

I also chatted with Mum briefly last night who mentioned that it was a snow day for them in the Great White North yesterday. She said she went in to deliver the good news to J-Bone around 6:00am and he muttered something about it being a Christmas miracle before promptly passing right back out like any typical teenage boy should.

It hit me at that point how hard it is to keep the holidays and seasons straight when there’s no change in weather. I told my class last night that I’d see them next week and when they said they I wouldn’t, I was confused. “Teacha, it’s Christmas.” To which I responded, “Oh… Right. That’s why I’m wearing this ridiculous Santa hat and playing Christmas-comparative-adjective-trivia with you. Duh!” *palm to forehead*

Before work last night, I got the taxi driver to drop Bagheera off at school and I ran down the street to purchase a helmet. Oh yes… You know what that means… We’ve got a motorbike! And we couldn’t be more excited.

Our friend M&M is coming over this afternoon to begin the tutorial. And we’re paying him in homemade vegetarian (he doesn’t know that part) chilli and beer. Plus, he’s been blathering about moving back to Bình Thạnh since we met and I think this is the perfect occasion to convince him. We’re very conniving.

I’m heading off for a gruelling date with Tony Horton but I will keep you all posted on our motorbiking success.

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