Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Kathleen…

September 26th marked the transition into my second quarter-century of life. And with it came big celebrations, thoughtful gifts and so much gratitude I thought my heart might burst.

For some reason, it always shocks me when I wake up on the morning of my birthday and someone else has remembered it’s my birthday. I don’t know where this surprise comes from because I have amazing friends and I always remember my friends’ birthdays but for some reason perhaps I feel I don’t deserve to be recognised? I’m not sure. Still working on that one…

Well, my birthday certainly wasn’t forgotten. I stumbled out of my air conditioned room to find a massive wall-to-wall sign with balloons adorning it. There was only one person who could be responsible for this kind of display, unless of course we have some little elves in the building who managed to pick the lock. I figured the more logical explanation was Bagheera, though.


I smiled to myself and I continued my mission (to use the washroom) and my suspicions were confirmed. There it was. My bathroom floor covered in inflated balloons. Only Bagheera would have had enough hot air in her to fill all those balloons in the middle of the night.

It was a wonderful start to my day and hearing about the care Bagheera took to keep from waking me as she put together the display was half the fun. Imagine squeaking balloons and a pitch black apartment with obstacles everywhere.

I had to work on the night of my birthday so the big celebration with everyone fell that Sunday night when nearly thirty of us met at the most delicious pizza place in Saigon: Pizza 4P’s. (Make reservations no matter the size of your party as this place is getting more and more popular by the weekend, it seems.)

Dinner was delicious, the wine was to die for and the conversation was heartwarming.

We followed up dinner with some VIP karaoke. Who knew there was such a thing, right? Well, they packed us all into a massive suite with more beer and fruit plates than any of us care to recall.

Since I can’t post any photos on Facebook these days (I blame it on Vietnam), I’ve uploaded all the birthday fun here for all of you to enjoy!

Thanks to all of you who joined me in person on my big day, sent birthday wishes, and long-distance hugs! I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday in Vietnam for my Quarter-Century.


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