Now it may not be over by morning / But Rome wasn’t built in a day

This weekend was tiring. I also ended up getting a good eye infection (I’m thinking pink eye) which looks like it may be going around the school. Gotta love dirty little kids – Yikes!

Also happy that you can get a lot of things that would require a prescription back home over the counter here so I just pointed to my eye and told them I needed something for my infected eye. The drops have started working already but I’ll be sure to use the drops until I’m sure it’s all gone.

Pink eye. Or some Saigonese version of it.

Pink eye. Or some Saigonese version of it.

We were having lunch today after class and Bagheera was unloading about how terribly behaved her little three- and four-year-olds were this morning. I noticed a guy kept glancing over at us from another table and he eventually turned around and asked us if we work at Vee You Ess. We found out his name is Ivan and he’s from Monroe, Michigan (just south of Detroit). He filled us in on his experience at the school and for the most part we have similar stories. We’re happy where we are but there are some odd cultural differences that make the experience (obviously) different from back home. It really seems like Vee You Ess is the school to be at though. It gives us the most freedom and also pays very well. I like it there and we’ve made some friends which takes some work in a city like Saigon.

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