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When teaching English, the importance of speaking games cannot be stressed enough. The more students are tricked into speaking, A) the less work I have to do and B) the more comfortable they become with their new language.

Last night we were focussing on superlatives (the best, the worst, the most dangerous, the most impressive…) so I wanted to give the class something interactive. I try to always put a funny spin on my lessons so I posted questions on a Powerpoint slide and students had to circulate the class asking each other questions.

Some of the highlights included:

  • “Who do you think is the most dangerous driver in the class?” The overwhelming consensus settled on one young guy we’ll call Dan.
  • “Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the world?” One of the sweetest students who’s got to be in his late twenties immediately said his mother. She also happens to be the best cook in the house. Coincidence?
  • “Who is the strongest person in the class?” When I asked this one all the students looked around the room and then finally my favourite wiseass turned to me and said, “Teacha, you’re the strongest person in the class!” Now, to some women this might be offensive but me? I was honoured (and flexed my biceps for their enjoyment). But seriously, the kid who said his mother was the most beautiful person in the world does two-a-days and is definitely more jacked than me.

To cap off the class, I introduced Tina Turner. I wasn’t sure the students would know who she was but they certainly did. I should’ve known! She’s got a ton of karaoke hits and dem Asians be lovin’ da karaoke!

So I entertained them for a little while with my Tina renditions which included The Best (because that’s the one we were focussing on – yeah, superlative adjectives lessons!), River Deep Mountain High, and Proud Mary.

As we were wrapping up class, good ole Mama’s Boy (and I’m saying that in admiration with no hint of judgment) turned and asked the class, “And who’s the best singer in the class?” which was followed by a chorus of “Teachaaaaa!”

My heart melted! They liked my singing (even though it was Tina and ain’t nobody does Tina like Tina) AND they used their superlatives without being prompted! Yay! My job is done.

Today we went swimming at the newly-discovered Van Thanh Park which happens to be right around the corner from our place. It’s like an oasis in the middle of the city! We’ve vowed to make this a regular trip.

The lovely Bagheera and a panoramic view of the pool

Panoramic view of the pool

Before I sign off, I’ve gotta send a shout out to Bush Baby and Al Bro on turning the big two-three! You both have much to celebrate and I miss you incredibly! xo

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