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This must be just like livin’ in paradise

Bagheera, K-To and I continued our September Philippines adventure on the island of Boracay, a veritable paradise. When deciding to travel, you have two options: travel for the sake of travel or travel for the sake of a holiday. We decided on the latter given our hectic summers which meant that we chose only one island and we hunkered down for some serious beach time, good reads, delicious food and some chill live music as only the Filipinos can do.

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On my plane to Manila / Passengers sit’n row to row

K-To made his second trip of the year to visit Bagheera and me after his law school exams mid-August. The three of us then took off for a much-needed vacation. It’s been almost a week since our return from the Philippines but I still go to bed every night with an image of the crystal clear waters of the island of Boracay emblazoned in my mind. The people, the food, the vistas, the atmosphere… nothing was lost on me.

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Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls / Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to

It’s been a few weeks since my return from yet another unforgettable holiday and I can hardly believe that at this time three weeks ago I was basking in the tropical sun on Vietnam’s east coast. In honour (but mostly to our utter dismay) of Adrienne and Jude’s completion of their contracts at Vee You Ess, we decided to explore more of Vietnam by spending a few days in the mountainous, and chilly, town of Đà Lạt and then on to Nha Trang, central Vietnam’s most popular beach town. Continue reading