You’re a superstar / That’s what you are

We’re settling in here just fine and making friends as we go. We’re also being offered jobs in a very different field than teaching, one in which I never thought I’d find myself…

We went for drinks last night with some of the friends that we’ve so lovingly poached from Rhino: M&M, Andrew, Sheep, Dale, and Crazy Dale (not to be confused with just “Dale”). We had a lovely evening and once we’d drunk one fine establishment out of large bottles of San Miguel beer (which is really not that impressive because no one carries much in terms of inventory), we moseyed on down the street to another bar with peanuts and more beer. On our way, though, we encountered what I have deemed to easily be: THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK!

I can’t believe it but the Vietnamese actually want us. They really want us! They want our raw modelling/acting talent! Who knew? We’re friggin giants, probably fifty lbs heavier than their heaviest models, and far more muscular than any traditional Vietnamese women. But hey shhhh! We’re going to live this up while we can. Hoang, a woman that Rhino and M&M lived with when they first arrived in Vietnam years ago, stopped M on the street and told us that she would like us to come to a casting. So at 2:00 on that fateful morning, I posed for some pictures for her and gave her my number. She offered us a casting the next day (via broken English text message) to try out for Survivor (I’m assuming the Vietnamese version) that would be shot at Mui Ne beach on the southeast coast of the country, about four hours from Saigon by car. (Google Images has some breathtaking views.) My only reservation… ok I had many… one of which was that we wouldn’t be able to teach during shooting which would not be feasible. So I’ll keep you posted of other opportunities. But the offer alone is a good ego boost and made me feel less like a big, lumbering alien for a day or two.

2 thoughts on “You’re a superstar / That’s what you are

  1. kay_kath Post author

    Don’t worry, Scotty! This was quite a while ago and we weren’t seriously considering it given the distance. We would never have even entertained the idea if it weren’t for the fact that the casting agent was our friends’ landlady for a year and they’ve also done some work for her. We’re being very cautious but we really appreciate the concern from the whole Giroux gang! xo

  2. Scotty Giroux

    My Uncle, mom, and I are convinced this is a bad idea. Don’t travel with anyone that kind of distance. Sounds super sketch. You are both beautiful and, if they are legitimate, it is not surprising they want you. But this is a country where you are a rare and unique people. Please be careful.


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